Something Entirely New…and The Harris Farms EZ Fill Drinker

So my readership has somewhat grown over the past month (then I stopped posting..dumb me), so I decided to add a new wrinkle to my blog.

As many of you may know I do this full time.  Well maybe not this (blogging), but I urban farm on a full time basis.  Most of my income is derived from poultry sales throughout the year.  I  do on occasion sell a goat or something, but for the most part it is eggs, chickens, and turkeys.  Needless to say I am always buying and trying different products.  Some work great and others ……not so great.  Many times I get information from product reviews on other blogs.  I never minded that the reviewer might make a couple of cents off of my purchase.  Especially if it save me time and money.  I have wasted so much time on products that just don’t last or work and I am over it.

Starting with this blog I will do a few product reviews.  No not every post will be a product review, and yes sometimes if you buy through a link in my post I may make a little money (a very little money). However, the reviews will be honest and tested.  I have over 300 chickens here most of the time (with over 500 thru the summer).  This blog also won’t become solely about products.  I will still add my experiences on the farm as well topics I find informative and relevant.

With all of that being said I wanted to share a new poultry drinker I  got a few weeks ago.  Now I have been  struggling with this for years.  I have used plastic and galvanized.  I have tried cups and nipples.  At some point they all just fail.  In the winter they freeze, or in the summer they are too hot.  Then I got the Harris Farms EZ Fill Drinker (6.25G). This thing is big. Which I like.  If you have a small flock it will last for over a week.  I use one for every 100 birds and usually it lasts 24 hours.  When it was below freezing I used it with my existing heaters.  The tank is big enough that you can add a frozen 2 liter of water in the middle of summer to cool the water down.  The best part is that it does not leak (disclaimer: it does have to be level)!!!    It works off of a float system, so no need to worry about vacuum leaks.  You can add irrigation tubing and a larger fill tank if you want.  The bottom line is simple….I wish I would have found it 4 years ago.

The local Farm Supply where I live carries them in a 5gal version for $39.99 (OUCH).  However, if you decide the product is for you Amazon sells the 6.25G version for only $23.50 with free shipping for Prime Members.  That price may just be the best part.  I have spent upwards of $44.00 for 6g drinkers.  I can honestly say I have 3 of these and I am going to be ordering more.  If you want to pick up the deal on Amazon just click the pic below or the link in the review.

Thanks for reading and if there are any specific products you would like me to review (and I have used the product) please message me and let me know.  And always please give me a “like” if you actually found the review helpful!!


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