Fall is here and winter is coming!!

So with everything that was going on this week I decided I needed a break.  I am sick of politics for sure.  Winterizing the farm is a pretty large undertaking, and work has begun.  For only the 2nd winter we decided to keep raising chickens without taking a break.  It is harder (and a little more expensive) to raise little chicks in the winter.  We add heat sources to the brooders, and they eat a little more feed.  We currently have 200 chickens on pasture, 100 chicks in the brooder, and 100 more coming on Dec. 7th.

All of this is made possible because of our LGDs.  They are still puppies, but they have taken well to the chickens.  They do chase and play, but have never even come close to hurting one.  The mainly protect against 4 legged predators, but they are also a huge deterrent to the flying predators a swell.  During the 1st week of December they will be permanently residing with the entire flock.  Currently chickens come and go thru the goat pasture, so they get plenty of chicken time already.  They are growing like weeds and eating like small horses as well.  Here is a picture from a few days ago.  Willow on the left and Misha on the right.


Lastly, we soon will be launching our newest venture.  McClung’s Microgreens….a very original name.  We have had requests in the past, but finally decided it was time to start growing.  We will have an indoor grow for the winter months, and continue to grow in the warmer months outside.  All of this means I will probably have to build another greenhouse similar to the one I built a few years ago.

All of this and it is hunting season too.  Busy, busy, busy. Just like we like it.  Soon it will be the Holidays!!!  Until next time…..Happy Homesteading.