Winds of Change @ McClung Farm

So as the story goes my wife brought home a goat (well 2).  That was over 5 years ago, and we have had dairy goats ever since.  Well to a certain extent that will be changing.  After years of waiting for the legalization of raw milk sales we decided to sell off the herd.  We just don’t believe that in VA the sale of raw milk will ever be legal.  As such we just cant make any money with out dairy goat herd.  We love goats, but the are time consuming.  We give up vacations and camping trips because of the milking schedule, and it is all for no cash return.  All of this years kids were sold, and today finalized the sale of Chewie our herd sire.  Chewie will be leaving with Skip his pasture mate on October 15th for a life in MD.  For now we are keeping Mocha and Gidget,  although a farm in Northern VA wants both of them if we sell.  We are keeping them to help train the new LGD puppies.


So these are 2 of what will be many of our new interests.  We will be raising at least 2 specific breeds of chickens. Chicks and hatching eggs will be available in the spring.  These are 2 of our Lavender Orpingtons.  The 2ns breed we are still undecided about.  We will hatch these birds and any cockerels hatched will go into our meat bird grow.  We are excited to start this new venture.  I am keeping the 2nd breed hush hush until we nail it down for certain, but I am very excited.  Stay tuned for more updates over the next month.

With all the chickens running around you can see why we decided to get Willow and Misha.  Speaking of which…Misha is fitting right in now.  She was not happy about sleeping outside.  It seems her original owner brought her in every night.  That wont work here.  Owls are one of our main problem, so the girls will be staying with the flock 24/7.  After less than 1 week these 2 are now getting it done.  I noticed they already take turns patrolling the fences.  It is pretty cool to watch these pups.  Yes they still play and act like puppies, but then they will work for a bit.  Truly a smart breed.  They currently live with the goats and about 4 or 5 chickens.  The chickens actually have taken up resident in their dog house, so I guess I don’t need to worry bout them harming the chickens.  Needless to say they are getting more and more unsupervised time with the poultry.  Good thing too since 220 6 week old chicks are headed to pasture this weekend.  Wonder if they will look like friends of little chicken nuggets??  We shall see.  Here is the latest pic of Tweedle Dee and Dumb.

Enjoy!! and Happy homesteading!!





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