Meet Misha!!!

So I guess I new LGD puppy wasn’t enough.  After a week of floods and water problems we got a new puppy.  We got a call from a friend that Willow’s half sister was in need of a home.  She is about 2 weeks younger.  After about 5 seconds of debate we decided why not.  Misha is a lot different.  She is a ton more active.  Neither girl chases chickens which is nice.  We have been giving them supervised time with the poultry, and then something interesting happened.  Six or seven chickens flew over the fence and now hang out with the pups ALL the time.  We decided to leave it be and see what happens.  Well so far so good.  They really don’t pay them to much attention.  I will post some update pics in the next few days.  We had 18 inches of rain this week and major flooding.  We live in a 500yr flood zone and we flooded.  We had about 12-16inches of water in the front yard.  4 acres of pasture was under at least 6 inches of water.  The only dry spot was one of the goat sheds.  We had 5 inches in the entire barn and even our garage got flooded.  However, it could have been worse so we feel pretty lucky. Misha wasn’t here yet, but Willow had to be brought in.  There was no where for her to stay dry.  She hated being in the house.  The next day she went running back to her dog house.  Needless to say everything is drying out now, and life is getting back to normal.

Until next time….Happy Homesteading!!!




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