Today’s mowing used no gas….

So today I needed to mow the chicken run.  The actual grass wasn’t too bad, but the wild fennel was everywhere.  We have had so much rain lately that the weeds really started to take over.  When this happens I really like to let the goats do their thing.  Not only does it cost nothing, but it actually saves us money on feed.  The other aspect is that it gives the pasture a couple of days of rest.



Here you see Mocha and Gidget along with one of this years kids.  It took about 2 hours to clear this area.  Luckily the run continues for about 500ft up the left side of the pasture.  I think it will take at least another 3 days to clear that out.  It is perfect for me because I am moving all the chickens to pasture this week and starting work on the pig shelter.  We have decided to include a breeding pair of pasture pigs to the farm.  Most likely they will be American Guinea Hogs or Tamworths.  Those two breeds love to graze more than root, and are readily available in my area.  Wish us luck!!



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