OMG!!! It has been a busy Spring on the farm.

So before you slam me for not writing in over 4 months let me explain.  There is no explanation.   I got lazy…sort of…kind of…well maybe not.

Spring is a busy time on the farm, and this year spring came a little early.  Then winter came back, and lately it has been wet and cool.  All the goats had their kids the 1st week of May.  It was the first time ALL the goats kidded at the same time.  I must admit this made things so much easier.  Then the chaos began.  Five of the 7 kids were bought and held with deposits.  In a normal year 95% of my kids are sold within the first week they are born.  Some are sold as bottle babies, and some are held with deposits and picked up once they are weaned around 8 weeks.  Well all the customers that held babies this year backed out which is so strange.  I keep the deposits, but the older they get the harder they are to sell.  At this point only 2 have left the farm.  CRAZY!!!

Let’s not forget about the birds.  Yes the chickens kept me busy as well.  I made the decision to stop buying chicks from the big hatcheries.  I started hatching my own eggs back in December.  My goal was to hatch 40-60 a month.  Pullets would be kept for layers and the cockerels would be grown out for meat.  So far so bad!!!  My hatch rates started out really good.  The first two hatches were right around 85%.   Then things went south.  I had three hatches that were less than 40%.  This stressed me out so much that I cleaned the incubators and put them away.  However, they are back out and full of eggs.  I figured I would give it one more shot.

Speaking of birds…..did you know we also grow out quail?  Well I processed some quail and put a pic on Facebook.  Next thing I know a chef contacted me to place an order.  Well I only ever grew them for the family, so now I have a plan in place to raise them on a more commercial basis.  I am confident that by October I can hatch out at least 100 quail a month.  For some reason I have much better hatch rates with my quail eggs.  Go figure!!!

Well that’s all for now, but hopefully I will be able to keep up from here on out.  I am working on a website that will link my readers, friends, and customers with all the information I used to get started in this lifestyle.  I would like to see this homestead/hobby farm movement to keep growing!!!