Having a hard time making ends meat……

LOL.  Meat.  Well my last batch of broilers are growing slower than I would expect.  Must be the lack of daylight and lack of protein packed bugs in the pasture.  I need to deliver 40 broilers on Dec. 17th and I am afraid they will be on the light side.  Normally my broilers are around 3.5-4lbs, but my customer wants them even if they are only 2 lbs.  The dilemma is less weight less money, and this time of year it takes more feed to get them to weight.

Predators are still giving me fits.  99% are hawks and owls.   Strangest thing….a Redtail hawk flew into my electric net fencing.  The darn thing died.  I have NEVER had that happen before.

Lastly, with the lack of income (from broilers) over the winter I have decided to hang it up.  I am headed back into the corporate world.  Which means I probably wont be raising broilers again.  Part of me will miss it, and part of me is excited.  I am also debating whether or not I should sell off the dairy goat herd.  We thought there would be a law in place allowing us to sell raw milk by now.  It seems every year it gets stalled.  Goat shares are a PIA.  I wont get rid of my layers for sure.  I sold 50 dozen eggs last month, and could have sold 50 more.

Bottom line it is the HOLIDAYS!!!!!  Time to decorate the farm!!


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