Grow room update….

So I have been extremely busy lately.  Seems this time of year I get bogged down.  Mostly because I love to hunt.  From Oct 12th thru November I cant really focus on much else.  The other irony in my life is I raise over 1000 meat birds a month, and I still buy my chicken from the grocery store.  Stupid I know.  Good thing is that 95% of the read meat I eat is venison.

Anyway back to the grow room.  Well the lettuce was a HUGE success.  We have been eating it for the last 4 weeks, and there is enough to last FOREVER. LOL.  The basil is also doing really well.  I have cut it backed 3 times over the last 30 days.  It grows so fast.

Well one thing this has taught us is that we can grow food year round.  Good food.  We have started cherry tomatoes and peppers as well.  Within the next few months the entire 15×15 room will be plants and lights.  The best part is we have only seen less than $2 increase in electric bill.

Hope this was informative.


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