Too Meat Rabbit or Not?

So I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I sell over 1000 chickens a year.  I have one customer.  He buys all my processed chickens, and he buys all my eggs.  It really is a great thing.  I never have to worry about selling the birds I raise.  Every year we revisit price, and start all over again.

Recently he has started asking me about rabbits.  He would like to start buying 15-20 rabbits a month. He would also like ducks too, but I refuse.  I did it one time for him and those suckers tore up my pastures.  Now I know that there is a start up cost to raising the rabbits, but what I cant figure out is what price to set.  It seems rabbit prices in my area are all over the place.  My customer would like to pay a per rabbit price as opposed to a per lb price.

The few farms near me are offering rabbit for $8/lb.  They claim the average weight is 3-3.5lbs.  Well $24 per rabbit seems a little steep to me.  However, I also don’t want to slow the local market.  I do believe in the value of locally grown and pasture raised food.

Anyway, and help anyone could give me would be much appreciated.


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