Breeding season is here at last…..

I was walking in the pasture today and the familiar aroma of by buck goat Chewie was in the air. You cant really miss it. It is the smell of soured urine that mostly catches your attention. LOL. I am certain that in the human world this is not a female attractant. However, the goat girls seem to be in tune with it. They were all standing at the fence line in hopes of being the first female through the gate.

Well I have obviously been through this before, and I have tried a few different approaches to breeding. The first year I had one doe and no buck, so I dropped her off for a 2 week “date” to get bred. After that year our goat numbers grew. We always sell our kids, so in breeding never comes into question. Year 2 saw the addition of another couple of does. In my infinite wisdom I decided that spacing out their kiddings would be easier….WRONG. I had baby goats all 3-4 weeks apart in age that were all on different timetables. TERRIBLE!!!

That is when I came to the conclusion that having all the girls kid at the same time is well worth the initial time spent. Now we have 4 girls and a resident buck. We also kept one boy that we castrated, so our buck would have a friend out in his pasture. Kidding week is usually the 1st week of March, and we usually have 8-12 babies that are all just days apart in age.

We also just turn the buck out in the doe pasture for 3 weeks. We have had great success with this. Usually the girls will all go into season about the same time. I also try to turn in him before they are in season. If I do they will usually all go into season the same day. It is pretty funny to watch Chewie run around and wear himself out, but it is all for a good cause. HeHeHeHe

Just in case you were wondering I decided to write this post about Chewie for one reason only. This is probably the only time that he gets the spotlight. The rest of the year all the attention is paid to the mamas and their babies, or to the daily milking for 7-8 months. I just figured he deserved it!

Thanks for reading


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