Hello world!

So 4 years ago my wife and I decided to make a change.  We wanted to move to a small hobby farm where we could grow our veggies, and feed and grow our own meat.   She also wanted farm fresh eggs, and a dairy goat.  In the beginning a resisted the whole notion of goats.  The idea of milking twice a day didn’t appeal to me.  Instead we started with laying hens and sheep.  We had a small garden with tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, and sweet potatoes.  So that was the start of something new.

Throughout the last 4 years we have learned a ton of stuff.  I say stuff because you cant begin to imagine the wide variety of information that your brain processes on a farm.  We learned that sheep were not for us even though we loved a freezer full of lamb.  We learned that a large garden was not for us.  We are in an area that has an awesome produce auction, so it is easy to get local veggies for a great price.  Oh, and my wife did get that dairy goat she always wanted.  In fact we now I have 4 girls and 2 boys.  They have quickly become the center piece of our little farm.  We also  now raise a lot of chickens.  I mean a lot. During the summer months it is not unusual for us to have well over 400 chickens.  We have a customer that buys all of our broilers, most of our eggs, and some quail too.

Write a blog they said…..so here we are.  I resisted this idea for a long time because I felt like I wasn’t an expert. I felt like I wouldn’t have enough worthwhile knowledge to share with anyone.  However, recently I have been asked by so many people for advice that I thought it might be time.  Understand that I am no expert.  I still fail all the time.  However, out of my failures have come some really cool successes.  I have managed to raise chickens, pull kid goats, process all sorts of livestock for the freezer, build things, fix things, and even grow food for my family.  I assure you that 4 years ago I didn’t know how to do most of those things.  I went online, found blogs, watch you tube videos, and met others in my situation to learn how to do things.  I discovered I can do most anything I want or need to do.

My commitment is to blog at least once a week as long as at least 1 person wants to read it.  I will share ideas, plans, and products I have used to make my life easier.  I will also share the blogs and vlogs of others that have helped me over the last 4 years.  I have created a website as well that I will keep as up to date a possible.  Wish me luck, but most of enjoy.  If you have any suggestions or advice please SHARE!!!



5 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for dropping by today. It’s good to gain from the experience of another on the same path. Love how the farm transformed according to your own preferences. I couldn’t imagine not having a garden, but not so sure about the goats yet (my partner, I know, will insist on one, or two, or……). You’ve got me thinking about the permacultural design process and about how clear you need to be before you start designing about what you’re wanting out of the land. Your experience suggests a great deal of adaptability needs to be prepared for!
    I’ll try be one that reads your one post a week!


  2. Looking forward to reading about your adventures, Chris. We’re on a similar path: goats, sheep, heritage turkeys, laying hens and broilers. Built a greenhouse and grew a lot of tomatoes this summer. We’re considering contracting with someone to cut hay on our pasture — do you have any experience with that?


    1. I have helped bail and stack hay but never had my pastures cut. I am looking forward to checking out your greenhouse. I build one a couple of years ago out of cattle panels and it worked out very well. When we moved I took it down but never put it up again. Might have to do that this winter.


  3. Really looking forward to reading your blog, Chris. We’re just starting out on our hobby farm – really we’ve got no idea what we’re doing yet 🙂 Figure if we read, watch, listen and learn we’ll figure it out along the way…hopefully…with a lot of trial and error!


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